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4 Steps to Survive the Winter Studio Slump What can you do when your class numbers drop off in winter? Kylie Saunder gives Yoga teachers some tips on how to tackle this perennial challenge.

BRW_Stretching the CEO by Jessica Gardner Jessica Gardner from Business Review Weekly interviews some top CEO's on how Yoga benefits them

Interview with Eve Grzybowski by Tasmin Angus-Leppan Australian Yoga Journal Australian Yoga Journal interviews Eve Grzybowski about her journey with Yoga

Julie Deife interviews Dr. Shirley Telles Interview with Dr. Shirley Telles, one of the world's most preeminent Yoga researchers.

Learn a Yoga Practice to Help with Breast Cancer with Annette Loudon In this video, learn a yoga practice with breast cancer and Yoga expert, Annette Loudon. This practice has been shown to decrease the time to return to well-being, decreasing anxiety and depression, from the time of diagnosis for women with breast cancer.

Michael de Manincor Audio on Life Matters ABC Radio Michael de Manincor is interviewed on Life Matters about Yoga and its benefits

Yoga and Breast Cancer by Annette Loudon Annette Loudon writes about the benefits of Yoga during breast cancer, from diagnosis, during treatment and afterwards

All about Managing Arthritis Healthily by James Bone James Bone, Yoga therapist and physiotherapist, gives tips on who to manage osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis.

Sex, Spirituality and Ayurveda by Caroline Robertson Caroline Robertson shares the insights of Ayurveda into the relationship between sex, health and enlightenment

A Blue Print for Optimal Movement In Donna Farhi's brilliant article, A Blue Print for Optimal Movement, she explains how you can use movement patterns to make yoga postures more effortless! And how this awareness can change your psychological state.

An Introduction to Yoga Therapy by Dr. Timothy McCall Timothy McCall describes how Yoga as medicine can improve health conditions. Learn how to integrate therapeutic Yoga into your practice. He considers the limitations of relying on specific sequences for particular conditions, reminding us that one size does not fit all.

Annette Loudon gives a guided relaxation for women who have or have had breast cancer Yoga therapist and breast cancer researcher, Annette Loudon, takes you through a wonderful relaxation practice that can be used by women from the time of diagnosis, during treatment and after treatment

Annette Loudon speaks on Yoga and Disability Annette Loudon has taught yoga for the disabled for many years. Here she talks about how specific yoga practices have assisted her students with their disabilities

Ayurvedic Healing of Irritable Bowel Syndrome - A Case Study by Dr Shaun Matthews Ayurvedic expert and medical doctor, Shaun Matthews, describes the case of a women who used yoga, meditation and Ayurveda to resolve her digestive problems

Beginning to See Beyond the Mat by Judith Lasater Judith Lasater tells the story of her life long love affair with yoga and her elusive search for samadhi (bliss)

Breath Of Life by Michael de Manincor Yoga therapist and psychologist, Michael de Manincor, writes about the benefits of being conscious about how we breathe

Bridging Worlds in the Therapeutic Relationship Sal Flynn bridges two worlds. As a counsellor trained in the Western tradition, she uses yogic understanding and mindfulness practices to support her clients, as well as supporting her own self-care.

Chakra balancing relaxation Annette Loudon shares a relaxation to purify the chakras - chakra shuddhi. This practice is aimed at balancing and purifying the chakras, which results in a smoother flow of the life force, prana, through the chakras. The physical benefits include calming effect on the nervous system, increased awareness, energy, and concentration and reduced mental tension.

Core Concerns in Teaching Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater Internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, describes what she feels are the most important guidelines for Yoga teachers.

Darts by Annette Loudon Annette Loudon taught Yoga to people with physical disabilities for many years. Her account of her DARTS class is inspiring and deeply touching

Diane Riley and husband, Kerry, speak on Tantra and heart-centred connection Tantra and sacred sexuality expert, Diane and Kerry Riley, explain what tantra really is and how couples can keep passion alive in their relationships

Don't Worry Be Happy Article by Eva Norlyk Smith Eva Norlyk Smith interviews Amy Weintraub, Yoga and depression expert, on how Yoga can combat depression

Educational Standards for Yoga Therapy by Leigh Blashki Leading Yoga therapist, Leigh Blashki outlines the educational standards required by yoga teachers to practice as yoga therapists. He compares the standards in Australia, UK and US.

Embodying the Spirit by Judith Lasater Judith Lasater gives her interpretation of what asana is and its importance

Experimentation a good recipe for kriya by Brook McCarthy Brook McCarthy interviews Leigh Blashki about anguli mudra kriya, which is a yoga practice he has developed inspired by the pranayama, nadi shodana.

Fill Your Yoga Class Pt 1 by Kylie Saunder Kylie Saunder gives Yoga teachers some tips on how to fill their Yoga classes

Fill Your Yoga Class Pt 2 by Kylie Saunder Kylie Saunder continues with Part 2 of her article on how to fill your Yoga classes

From Coma to Yoga Dr. Shirley Telles is the world's most prominent Yoga researcher. In this interview for The Art of Healing magazine, Shirley discusses her research into Yoga and cancer, obesity, and the brain. She also talks about the work she has done with the Dalai Lama.

How to Structure a Yoga therapy session by Dr. Timothy McCall Dr. Timothy McCall gives practical advice on how to work one on one with Yoga students, from consultation and assessment, through to developing an individualised Yoga program and follow up.

Interview with Jivamukti Yoga Founders Enlightened Events interviews Sharon Gannon and David Life, from Jivamukti Yoga in New York. They discuss why Yoga is so important in the world today and why they are hoping for a revolution and a new way of living

Interview with Swami Jasrajpuri Enlightened Events interviews Swami Jasrajpuri on his life in India, his daily Yoga practice and his relationship with his guru, Swami Maheshwarananda, Founder of Yoga in Daily Life

James Bone writes about how to relieve foot pain and improve foot health with yoga therapy James Bone is a highly experienced yoga therapist and senior yoga teacher and a registered physiotherapist. In this article he shares specific practices you can use to relieve foot pain and improve the health of your feet.

Judith Lasater - Compassion and Drunken Electrons Judith Lasater shares her wisdom in this interview - "Why are we doing all these handstands, backbends and arm balances? I don't know why we're doing them unless our lives are shaped and changed."

Leigh Blashki talks about becoming a Yoga Therapist Trina Bawden-Smith from Enlightened Events interviews internationally acclaimed Yoga therapist, Leigh Blashki, about the benefits of becoming a yoga therapist and what to expect if you undertake the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy.

Look After Your Immune System with Correct Yoga Postures and Breath Control by Simon Borg-Olivier Simon Borg-Olivier suggests that the way you practice yoga and how you breathe has a direct impact on what you choose to eat

Message from Great Mother by Wendy Batchelor Wendy Batchelor encourages us to listen deeply to the messages we receive from Mother Nature

Nurturing the Soul's Journey - Ayurvedic and Yogic Psychology by Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews outlines the central tenets of the Ayurvedic and Yogic approaches to living a full and satisfying life

Painful Knees and all such things by James Bone Physio, yoga therapist and Bowen therapist, James Bone, suggests some practical methods for dealing with knee pain.

Pranashakti - the universal mother by Swami Satyadharma Swami Satyadharma details the meaning of prana or life force and describes the five pranas in detail

Relaxation Audio by Trina Bawden-Smith Enjoy this unique deep relaxation, which uses vibration to deepen your relaxation experience

Research - Yoga reduces irregular heartbeat by Amy Weintraub Amy Weintraub outlines a study which indicates that three yoga classes a week can help reduce irregular heartbeat by almost half and may help prevent stroke

Research Yoga helps breast cancer patients with mood, immune response and fatigue by Amy Weintraub Amy Weintraub summarises three research studies which have shown to help breast cancer patients with anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress.

Research Yoga nidra reduces anxiety in women with menstrual disorders by Amy Weintraub Amy Weintraub outlines a study which shows in women with menstrual disorders and mild to moderate anxiety and depressive symptoms, yoga nidra significantly reduced their anxiety and depression

Review of AYTC2011 by Cari Havican Yoga therapist, Cari Havican, reviews the inaugural Australian Yoga Therapy Conference in June 2011. She gives an overview of all the speakers and their presentations.

Ritucharya - Seasonal Routines of health in Ayurveda by Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews describes seasonal routines for the different doshas / body types

Sexual Intimacies by Diane Riley Discover how to enhance sexual intimacy for a more fulfilling love life

Sharon Gannon & David Life talk about Yoga and Veganism Founders of Jivamukti Yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life, discuss their views on yoga and how it ties in with veganism and social activism

So you want to be a Yoga Therapist by Dr Timothy McCall Dr. Timothy McCall is a epxert in the field of Yoga therapy. In this article he outlines the knowledge, skills and experience a yoga therapist requires, as well as, how to go about gaining this knowledge.

Stages of Yoga by Eve Grzybowski Acclaimed yoga teacher, Eve Grzybowski, describes which yoga practices are suitable for different stages of life and different ages

Strong Abs and Core Control by James Bone Physio, yoga therapist and Bowen therapist, James Bone, explains the confusion between abdominal strengthening and core control

The Breath Foundation Michael de Manincor outlines the role and purpose of the Breath Foundation (now called the Yoga Foundation), which provides Yoga for disadvantaged members of the community

The First Step in Creating a Successful Yoga Business by Kylie Saunder Business coach, Kylie Saunder, helps Yoga teachers to create a successful business. In this article she starts by identifying what your prupose is!

The Future of Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia Enlightened Events interviews senior Yoga teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners on their view of the Future of Yoga in Australia, including Simon Borg-Olivier, Michael de Manincor, Dr Rama Prasad and Dr Shaun Matthews

The Future of Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia - Part II In part 2 of the Future of Yoga, we interview more senior yoga teachers, including Eileen Hall, Pixie Lillas, Swami Kriyatma

The Future of Yoga and Ayurveda in Australia - Part III In part 3 of the Future of Yoga, we interview Satyaprem Gibson. She is involved with the IYTA and Yoga in Daily Life and is a Dru Yoga teacher

The Spirit of Things ABC Radio Yoga and Ayurveda with Shakta Kaur, Philip Stevens and Dr. Ram Kumar Rachel Kohn interviews Shakta Kaur, kundalini yoga teacher, Philip Stevens, neurophysiologist, yoga teacher and sleep scientist and Ayurvedic doctor, Ram Kumar

The Ten Most Important Sutras by Judith Hanson Lasater Internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, explains 10 of the most important Yoga sutras

Using the Chakras during Breast Cancer Treatment Annette Loudon, breast cancer researcher and Yoga therapist, gives a practice that uses the chakras to expand prana or life force, which in yoga philosophy is believed to promote healing

Viniyoga by Michael de Manincor Michael de Manincor teaches yoga in the tradition of TKV Desikachar. Here he explains what viniyoga is and is not

Vision for Yoga Australia Michael de Manincor, President of Yoga Australia, speaks on his vision for Yoga Australia

Wellness and Yoga by Marc Cohen Professor Marc Cohen explains that Wellness and Yoga are parallel paths - both are about consciousness

What is a Yoga Teacher by Donna Farhi Donna Farhi shares an extract from her book, Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship. In this extract, she elaborates on how to be the most authentic, ethical Yoga teacher you can be, how to understand what ethical behaviour is and a process for determining whether a behaviour or course of action is ethical.

What is the difference between Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga with Janet Lowndes Janet Lowndes speaks about Yoga therapy and what it means to her. She also talks about the work she does with clients who have eating disorders

Women's Health interview with Dr Claudia Welch Dr. Claudia Welch is a medical doctor and specialist in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has specialised in women's health with a focus on hormonal balance. In this article she discusses how to restore hormonal balance, the cause of women's disorders and her book on women's health

Yoga and Mental Health in Children by Dr. Shirley Telles Dr. Shirley Telles is a neurophysiologist and internationally acclaimed Yoga researcher. In this article she outlines Yoga's diverse applications in improving mental health in children. Topics includes ADHD, stress, self-esteem, eating disorders, diabetes, concentration and more.

Yoga for people with physical limitations by Annette Loudon Annette Loudon details her experiences teaching Yoga to those with conditions, including cerebral palsy, MS, and quadriplegia

Yoga therapist or Yoga teacher by Leigh Blashki Internationally acclaimed yoga therapist, Leigh Blashki, explains the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist in the Australian context. He includes the standards Yoga therapists must meet and describes pathways to becoming a recognised yoga therapist

Yoga Therapy for Cancer article by Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews is medical doctor, Yoga therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner who specialises in chronic disease. Here he outlines how Ayurveda and Yoga therapy can be used in the treatment of cancer