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Beginning to See Beyond the Mat by Judith Lasater Judith Lasater tells the story of her life long love affair with yoga and her elusive search for samadhi (bliss)

Don't Worry Be Happy Article by Eva Norlyk Smith Eva Norlyk Smith interviews Amy Weintraub, Yoga and depression expert, on how Yoga can combat depression

ESSENCE of Health Care by Dr Craig Hassed Dr Craig Hassed explains his ESSENCE of health program

Happiness is An Inside Job by Petrea King Inspirational author, teacher and speaker, Petrea King, shares with you the secrets to finding true happiness

Interview with Swami Jasrajpuri Enlightened Events interviews Swami Jasrajpuri on his life in India, his daily Yoga practice and his relationship with his guru, Swami Maheshwarananda, Founder of Yoga in Daily Life

Intimacy in Relationship by Denise Cook Intimacy expert, Denise Cook, explains what intimacy is all about and how to have more intimacy in your life

Nurturing the Soul's Journey - Ayurvedic and Yogic Psychology by Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews outlines the central tenets of the Ayurvedic and Yogic approaches to living a full and satisfying life

Petrea King writes about grief and Loss The Living Well of Grief In this insightful article Petrea King shares her thoughts on how to approach life when griefs enters our lives.

Sexual Intimacies by Diane Riley Discover how to enhance sexual intimacy for a more fulfilling love life

Stages of Yoga by Eve Grzybowski Acclaimed yoga teacher, Eve Grzybowski, describes which yoga practices are suitable for different stages of life and different ages

The Empty Chair at Christmas How do you go on with life after the passing of a loved one, particularly on special occasions like Christmas? Petrea King shares deep insights and wisdom with you in this article.

The Sexual Energy Elixir by Caroline Robertson Caroline Robertson reveals research that indicates that satisfying sex can heal the mind and body

The Ten Most Important Sutras by Judith Hanson Lasater Internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, explains 10 of the most important Yoga sutras

Wellness and Yoga by Marc Cohen Professor Marc Cohen explains that Wellness and Yoga are parallel paths - both are about consciousness