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Essential Oils with Farida Irani Farida Irani describes the roles of essential oils and how they can help the mind, body, skin and emotions.

Ayurvedic Cleansing Herbal Teas from Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews offers some recipes for Ayurvedic Cleansing Herbal teas

Ayurvedic Healing of Irritable Bowel Syndrome - A Case Study by Dr Shaun Matthews Ayurvedic expert and medical doctor, Shaun Matthews, describes the case of a women who used yoga, meditation and Ayurveda to resolve her digestive problems

Detoxing Recipes fby Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews is an Ayurvedic chef and medical doctor. Here he provides a number of simple detoxing recipes

Honouring your digestive fire - the secret to good health by Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews explains why the digestive fire is so important to maintaining good health

Look After Your Immune System with Correct Yoga Postures and Breath Control by Simon Borg-Olivier Simon Borg-Olivier suggests that the way you practice yoga and how you breathe has a direct impact on what you choose to eat

Spring Detoxing the Ayurvedic Way by Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews outlines the Ayurvedic approach to fasting and detoxing, which embrace the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life

Tips for How to Use Food to Balance our Emotions by Dr Shaun Matthews Dr. Shaun Matthews gives tips on which foods to eat if you want to balance emotions like irritation, frustration, anxiety, depression