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Dr. Shirley Telles is the world’s most prominent Yoga researcher. She has published 108 articles in international journals. She also has written 4 books and 15 chapters in books. Shirley is a highly sought after speaker at national and international conferences. She is a reviewer for 16 international and 4 Indian national journals.

Julie Deife interviews Dr. Shirley Telles Interview with Dr. Shirley Telles, one of the world's most preeminent Yoga researchers.

From Coma to Yoga Dr. Shirley Telles is the world's most prominent Yoga researcher. In this interview for The Art of Healing magazine, Shirley discusses her research into Yoga and cancer, obesity, and the brain. She also talks about the work she has done with the Dalai Lama.

Yoga and Mental Health in Children by Dr. Shirley Telles Dr. Shirley Telles is a neurophysiologist and internationally acclaimed Yoga researcher. In this article she outlines Yoga's diverse applications in improving mental health in children. Topics includes ADHD, stress, self-esteem, eating disorders, diabetes, concentration and more.