Enlightened Events Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is no longer available. Enlightened Events apologises for any inconvenience this causes.

The Enlightened Events affiliate program is our way of sharing success and abundance with you. Our aim is to build honest, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people who share our goal to inspire and educate our community by providing ‘spiritual’ knowledge from highly regarded, professional speakers who have answers to the big questions.

The Enlightened Events Affiliate Program is an easy way to make revenue by simply emailing your contacts and letting them know about Enlightened Events’ programs, using your unique affiliate code. It’s that simple….. it costs you nothing to do it. If any of your Referrals purchase a ticket from eligible Enlightened Events, you will be rewarded.

How Does it Work?

The Affiliate Program is an electronic referral system.

Enlightened Events provides each Affiliate with a unique code. This is an example of an Affiliate Code http://enlightenedevents.com.au/AP.aspx?ID=1129&EID=6422

When you are accepted into our Affiliate Program, you will be emailed your own unique affiliate code. When you send the code to your contacts, they can click on the code. (The code can be embedded into a web banner). The code acts as a hyperlink which will take them to our website. Our system utilises the Cookies in your web browser so that Enlightened Events’ knows that they were referred by you! Enlightened Events’ computer system then associates your Referral with your affiliate code. If in the future, that Referral purchases a ticket to an eligible event from Enlightened Events, you will be paid a 10% commission on the net price of the ticket.

For commission fees to be properly tracked, recorded and earned, you must ensure that the unique Affiliate codes you use are the ones provided to you by Enlightened Events.

Since the Affiliate codes we provide are the only way to track purchases, you must use the Affiliate codes exactly as given and make no modifications, in order to ensure accurate registration and payment. This unique code is the only method that will be accepted for introducing referrals to the Affiliate System.

Please note, that if your Referral is already on our system, they are not eligible to be tracked under your Affiliate Code.

Getting Started

First, download some promotional material from the Affiliate section on the Enlightened Events website. These include banners in different sizes and some event-related promotional blurbs.

Then embed your unique Affiliate link into the promotional material. Follow the instructions on the Affiliate section of the Enlightened Events website, if you need help.

Once you have embedded your affiliate link, you can use these banners and blurbs in your own marketing. They can be placed on your website, in your emails, in your e-newsletters, on your Facebook page, Twitter and other social media and in your blogs.

More Information

For more information about the Affiliate Program, please refer to the full Terms and Conditions and the FAQs on our website.

Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions (86 KB)

Affiliate Program - FAQs Affiliate Program - FAQs (68 KB)

Affiliate Program - Eligible Affiliate Events Affiliate Program - Eligible Affiliate Events (59 KB)

Affiliate Program - Affiliate Instructions Affiliate Program - Affiliate Instructions (94 KB)

Promotional Material

Click here to go to the promotional material download page or visit http://enlightenedevents.com.au/affiliate_marketing.