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Wendy Batchelor is a specialist in facilitating transformative process and change, and holds a Masters Degree in Health Science Education. She works as a teacher and counsellor in this field and supports many people through life change. She is also a somatic therapist and Yoga teacher (IYTA), and brings considerable knowledge and experience of subtle energy levels to her work. She is an experienced group leader who has facilitated many group courses and interactions, and sacred journeys.

She is trained in Hakomi psychotherapy, a method of self-enquiry and self-discovery, that assists the unfolding and integration of what we don’t know about ourselves and life. It assists us to know who we are and our life purpose. Wendy is also a writer with a passion for the creative process.

Message from Great Mother by Wendy Batchelor Wendy Batchelor encourages us to listen deeply to the messages we receive from Mother Nature