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Diane Riley and her partner, Kerry Riley, are at the forefront of introducing the philosophy of sacred sexuality to Australia. Together they founded the Australian School of Tantra in 1987. Diane’s contribution to sacred sexuality and understanding relationships has been recognised worldwide with the success of the DVD ‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex’, which has now sold over 200,000 copies. Tantra magazine, has commented: ‘It's the best DVD in the area … We highly recommend it!’

Diane has also co-authored, with Kerry Riley, the book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men: What every woman would want her man to know’, which has sold over 40,000 copies in Australia, and is published in several languages, including Spanish and German.

Diane is highly regarded as a versatile, authoritative speaker on sacred sexuality, tantra and related women's issues. She is also a popular guest on women's lifestyle and talkback programs. In a launch of the Kylie Minogue lingerie line, Diane featured as a guest presenter on the topic ‘The Modern Day Goddess’.

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