Our Mission

To inspire and educate our community by providing spiritual knowledge from highly regarded, professional speakers who have answers to the big questions.

Our Vision

Enlightened Events’ vision is to create a spiritually aware community and to offer a new style of life-changing presentations, by some of the world’s most innovative and enlightened speakers. Enlightened Events will provide a range of educational, fun and inspiring events where people can learn, meet and interact with like-minded individuals. Our aim is to empower people by combining cutting edge research and science with ancient wisdom through informative events, products and services.

About Us

Enlightened Events was created in 2009. Since that time we have held hundreds of successful events all over Australia and some internationally. We have the privilege of  working with some of the most respected teachers, scientists, healers and philosophers the world has to often. Scientists such as Dr. Shirley Telles, who is the world’s most prolific Yoga researcher. World renown, Dolores Cannon, creator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, author of more than 17 books and top metaphysical teacher.

We have worked with some of the world’s most respected Yoga therapists and teachers, including Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi, Dr. Timothy McCall, Dr. Richard Miller, Amy Weintraub, and Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa. Top Australian doctors and scientists including wellness pioneer, Professor Marc Cohen, and mind-body medicine and mindfulness expert, Dr. Craig Hassed. Wellness pioneer and inspirational speaker and author, Petrea King. Leading Australian Yoga teachers and therapists, including Dr. Swami Shankardev; Simon Borg-Olivier, Australia’s most famous Yoga celebrity; Eve Grzybowski, Australia’s Yoga legend; Leigh Blashki, former President of Yoga Australia and international Yoga therapy pioneer; Annette Loudon, Australia’s leading Yoga, cancer and lymphoedema specialist; Michael de Manincor, leading Yoga teacher trainer; Sal Flynn, mindfulness expert and leading Yoga therapy trainer. Australia’s leading Tantric teacher, Diane Riley. Top Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, including Dr. Rama Prasad, Dr. Shaun Matthews and Farida Irani.

Enlightened Events created the highly acclaimed Australasian Yoga Therapy Conference, running 8 times since 2011, which is the premier Yoga therapy event in Australia and is at the cutting edge of the fast expanding field of Yoga therapy. We expanded our Yoga therapy offerings in 2012 to run in demand, world class Yoga therapy training, and continue to be a leader in this field. We now run Yoga therapy training courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The creative heart behind Enlightened Events is Trina Bawden-Smith. Trina’s passion is for connecting people and building communities. Her vision and passion for her work ensures that every Enlightened Event is imbued with her love and warmth. That every participant feels welcome and every detail is attended to. And that people talk about her events for years after they have finished and often tell her that her events changed their life. 

Trina is a much loved member of the yoga and Ayurveda community and counts many respected Yoga teachers and organisations amongst her friends, including Yoga Australia, IYTA, Australian Association of Yoga Therapists,  International Yoga Therapists Association, Meditation Events, Quest for Life Foundation, Satyananda Yoga, Dru Yoga, Australian Yoga Life magazine and countless Yoga teachers working in their communities. 

Trina holds a Diploma in Event Management, Bachelors Degree in Commerce, and a Masters degree in Arts in International Relations. Trina also completed a Yoga Instructors Certificate from the research-based Vivekananda Yoga Research and Therapy Centre (Svyasa) in Bangalore, India and undertook an Ayurveda practitioner’s course in Sydney. Trina is natural organiser and leader and has had a strong interest in meditation and eastern philosophy from a young age. Trina started Yoga for Life (Aust) gaining a reputation for her guided relaxations and her love for her students. Subsequently, Trina organised and volunteered at four international Yoga and Ayurveda conferences in Sydney.

Enlightened Events continues to educate and inspire our community and raise the consciousness of the planet, by bringing you life-changing, enlightening events.