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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Sal Flynn, Mindfulness Expert

Trina Bawden-Smith - Wednesday, February 04, 2015
We are getting really excited about Divine Feminine! It is coming up in a few weeks.

We are so excited that Sal Flynn, mindfulness expert and gifted Yoga therapy educator is joining us to present on Revealing the Wisdom Body. In this workshop, Sal will utilise the sacred technologies of the Yogic tradition – movement, breath and mindful presence – to dissolve the barriers that stand between us and the realisation of The Wisdom Body. You will learn practices that bring wisdom, clarity and discernment, so you can confidently create and execute a life plan for lasting fulfilment. I can't wait! Sal is one of my favourite people and teachers. She is such an inspiring speaker and she has so much wisdom to share

Sal shares her article on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and how you can apply them when going through a difficult experience to reduce suffering.

If you book before February 10, 2015, you will receive a free 50 page e-book, including Feel Fabulous, Frisky, Feisty and Focused, by Maree Lipschitz, Secrets for Living Mindfully by Sal Flynn, Tantric secrets from Diane Riley and much more! Plus a free report The 5 Must Know Secrets for Women 40+ To Avoid a Midlife Meltdown also by Maree Lipschitz. Plus use the code wisdom to save $47 on the ticket price by February 10.

Trina Markandu Bawden-Smith