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The 9 Sources of a Woman's Power. Divine Feminine is next week

Trina Bawden-Smith - Thursday, September 01, 2016
I am so excited that Dr. Christine Page is returning to Australia to present at Divine Feminine.

Christine is a pioneer in women's health, inspirational speaker and gifted intuitive and author of 7 books on self-development, self-healing and personal empowerment, including The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman. She teaches that real healing and health comes from listening to your heart, living your truth and enjoying the deepest connections possible. She writes -

Women’s power comes from:
Gathering together in sacred space, creating feelings of bonding, trust, compassion and relaxation
Seeing each other with detached clear sightedness and without judgment
Hearing each other with our hearts and not through our heads
• Sharing our feelings knowing that emotions are the energy for transformation
• Sharing stories with honest feelings, knowing that when we express and heal our wounds, we heal the same wounds for women everywhere and the next 7 generations
• Having the courage, to share stories and feelings which then can be released, cleansing and renewing the soil for new birth
• Offering the wisdom gained from our experiences to the Great Mother’s ocean of wisdom. In return she offers you total unconditional love for there is nothing you’ve felt which hasn’t be felt by the Great Mother
Knowing and connecting to our sister’s soul
Loving, sending the Golden Light to connect everybody to their soul and its destiny

The practices I have learnt from Christine, have changed my life profoundly. The sense of betrayal and the emotional pain I felt when my husband left me suddenly, was totally released through the practices I learned from her.

This is your only chance to hear Christine speak in Australia! Don’t miss out!

Divine Feminine is a pioneering event that offers women the tools and resources to bring greater health, creativity and fulfillment into their lives through a deeper understanding of the ancient mysteries of womanhood.