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NEW Yoga Therapy Training Courses for 2018

Trina Bawden-Smith - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We are looking for Yoga teachers who truly care and are driven to make a difference by connecting deeply with their students to facilitate healing that is empowering, enduring and life transforming.

You know when students come to you with health problems like back pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, injuries and sometimes you're not sure how to teach them safely and effectively? If you undertake our acclaimed Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, you will learn a framework that you can apply to everyone and you will gain a full tool kit of Yoga practices that allow you teach anyone no matter what health problems they have. Plus you will gain more confidence in your abilities.

We have conducted the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy since 2012, making this one of the longest running yoga therapy trainings in Australia. During this time we have trained over a 120 Yoga therapists through this highly acclaimed training program. In 2018 the course will be delivered for the twelfth time.

In 2018, the course will be offered in Sydney and Brisbane, and also in the Gold Coast as an intensive. Enrol and:

• You will develop a deep connection with your Yoga students and be able to use Yoga to help them heal in a more individualised way.

• Your training with be hands on, practical and experiential.

• You will learn from some of Australia’s leading Yoga therapy educators, Annette Loudon, Sal Flynn, and Louise Godfrey & Liz Williams.

• After completing this comprehensive qualification, you will join the ranks of the growing number of highly qualified Yoga therapists in Australia and be at the leading edge of this emerging profession.

Enlightened Events are leaders in Yoga therapy education with an established reputation for excellence. 

Undertake the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy and YOU will learn – 
Therapeutic approaches to - 
• anxiety, depression and trauma
• cancer
• nervous system disorders, such as, multiple sclerosis 
• bone diseases, such as, osteoporosis
• digestive issues, such as, IBS, colitis
• women’s health
• metabolic disorders, such as, diabetes, obesity 
• reproductive and urinary disorders, such as, menopause, PCOS
• auto-immune diseases, such as, rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Fatigue 
• lower back problems
• and many, many more health conditions