Sal Flynn

Sal Flynn is a Yoga therapist, psychotherapist and educator. She is one of Australia's leading Yoga therapy educators. She has trained almost 250 Yoga therapists across a total of 17 deliveries throughout Australia. She mentors Yoga therapists and therapists around the world. 

Her formal and informal training blends the disciplines of Yoga, psychotherapy, education, contemplative practice, the arts and mind/body awareness practices. Underpinning her work is more than 30 years of practice and study in the eastern traditions, along with education and internships in Western psychotherapy and Yoga therapies both in Australia and India.

Sal Flynn began practicing yoga nearly 35 years ago and her practice is rooted in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya. In recent years, she has focused her yoga inquiry on the work of her mentor Donna Farhi and assists Donna in training teachers.
Sal is trained to deliver John Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programs. She has a private psychotherapy practice in Sydney.

Sal was resident yoga teacher/therapist at Sarah Key Physiotherapy for five years and specialized in helping clients with chronic back pain. She spent seven years as a faculty member of Nature Care College where she trained yoga teachers and is currently a Group Therapist at Jansen Newman Institute.

As a yoga teacher and therapist she emphasizes the intimate interplay of the physical body with the mental, emotional and spiritual to bring all dimensions of embodied being into awareness.

She is a member of the AAYT, IAYT, Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW and the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

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